The Beginning.


There we were driving up the east coast again, back to Vermont, our newly adopted home. We were hungry for something, anything. We believed we couldn’t stay where we were; we had to GO. We felt we would find ‘that thing’ there among the green mountains dotted with artists, farmers, writers, crafters and homesteaders. And we did find it. But as with anything in life, it wasn’t what we expected in the end.


There we gained a deeper appreciation for the heart, patience and vulnerability that goes into the good food we eat as well as a greater respect for what the word “community” really means. We lived in the land of farms called the Northeast Kingdom away from all that we knew. He was the chef of a responsible restaurant, volunteered on an organic farm and worked towards making good food affordable. I helped a young magazine grow their inspiring business and a homegrown farm-to-table dinner series come to life. We had experiences to last a lifetime. Those experiences shaped who we are today.


But with that grew a hunger to return to the place we left. With our shift in perspective we realized we had blinders on and in all of our running we overlooked what was right in our hometown. So with that, back to Winston-Salem, North Carolina we came with the hopes of being a more connected part of this vibrant community with open minds and eyes.


This blog is our commitment to promoting all of the good stuff that is happening right here in our creative community. Good stuff that without awareness could get overlooked.


One day we hope to have our own space in this community as entrepreneurs. Until then, we celebrate all of those making great strides in and around Winston-Salem today.



Andrea & Harrison

7 thoughts on “The Beginning.

  1. I love reading your ideas, thoughts, manifestos….delights! Truly inspiring Littell family. Truly! Best of luck and congratulations. Winston Salem is a little better because of you two!


  2. Sometimes God leads us somewhere else just to bring us back to where we started. Loved reading about what you learned in Vermont and how now you’ll work towards bringing that to the community you’re from. Keep chasing your dream 🙂

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  3. Hi Andrea! I just discovered your blog via TeriLyn’s blog. I love your writing style, I love your photographs (esp the food… those tomatoes!!!) and I love your mission. I am a NY transplant who has been here for 15 years and have grown to adore this little city. I cannot wait to read more and encourage you to keep up what you’re doing. This is a beautiful corner of the internet! (And sorry if this comment shows up twice, I had some wordpress issues…)

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    1. I’m so happy you found us and so appreciative of both you and TeriLyn for your generous support and for spreading the word! Can’t wait to meet you both soon so we can have fun enjoying this little gem of a city together. Enjoy the day!


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