Monday BITES: Blackberries

Cinnamon Roll French Toast with Blackberry Sabayon & Fresh Summer Berries

Blackberry French Toast,

Plump and juicy, sweet and sometimes tart, oh how we love these jewels of summer. ‘Tis the season of picking and preserving berries of all sorts; a time for dry packing, sugar packing, syrup packing and into the deep freeze for later. A time to taste in the warm sun straight off the bush as you stockpile for the darker days of winter. Friends, you just can’t make it through a North Carolina summer without a taste of warm, fresh blackberry cobbler or a crunchy crisp topped with homemade ice cream (and we sure are thankful for that). We also love ours paired with chevre on garden greens, in a savory reduction over fish or muddled into a cold cocktail. Today we are keeping it classic with a little twist, as we pair our blackberries from Roy Allen with homemade bread from my dad drizzled with a sweet yet tart blackberry sabayon to make this dish complete.

Blackberry French Toast,

– From the TowniesWS test kitchen by Chef Harrison Littell

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Summer Berry Mint Upside Down Cake by Mary Haglund, owner of Mary’s Of Course | via Michael Hastings of The Winston-Salem Journal 

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