This Weekend: Pokez Holiday Market

Today Joseph Bradford and his crew are kicking off Pokez Holiday Market in downtown Winston-Salem. You don’t want to miss it! 

Saturday 11a – 5p / Sunday 11:30a – 4p

874 N. Liberty St, WSNC


Expect loads of festive quirkiness during this two-day, homegrown indoor holiday flea market which features vintage, collectibles, handmade and repurposed goods.

Over 60 vendors will be on hand, plus pictures with ‘Santa’, a live auction, performances and raffles. Hoots will keep the beer flowing and food trucks will be posted out front so you can refuel as you shop.

It’s the same market as the popular Hoots Flea, just got a new name for the new year.  


Here’s a peek at some of this weekend’s awesome vendors::


Vendor: Carol Faley, Goat Feathers
Homebase: Historic West Salem / Winston-Salem NC
Assortment: Antiques, collectibles,unusual accessories, architectural items, and affordable prices


Q: How did you land in this business? What drives you.

​I had an antique shop back in the 70’s and loved it. When I retired…about 10 years ago….I knew I wanted to go back to doing what I loved most…..owning an antique shop.  I love history and I love antiques and I love the people who shop for items that have the unique charm of yesteryear.  They are caring, creative, and appreciative individuals. I am the owner of Goat Feathers and I have five absolutely wonderful shopkeepers who maintain the shop with me. We all cherish and appreciate our great customers. This is what drives me….this is what makes my world go around and what makes time spent in this business truly enjoyable.


Q: What do you love most about vending at Pokez Flea (formerly Hoots Flea)?

​I met Joseph Bradford a few years ago when he was just beginning to formulate putting together a special event like this. Right from our first meeting….I was so impressed with his enthusiasm, creativity, and originality. I knew immediately he was on to something and was going to be successful putting together an event that would be unique and special for Winston Salem. I immediately signed up to do his first event and have NEVER been disappointed since.  Not only has every event been a most enjoyable experience but vending at these one of a kind antique/collectible events has helped contribute to our customer base. It is definitely a win-win situation!


Q: What should be folks be on the lookout for at your booth this weekend?

​Anything and everything…. a great range of antiques and collectibles. The wonderful thing about having six different people displaying in one shop is the great  variety of items that we have for sale. Each of us have special tastes and ideas and each of us know our customers well and because our prices are so affordable we have a continuous inventory turn over.  Customers know we always have new and unique items in the shop each week…..and this is what people will see at our booth this weekend. Our regular customers will visit us because they know who and what we are and new customers are very happy to find out who and what we are.    



Vendor: MagSoul
Homebase: Colorado
Assortment: Handmade, comfortable, and functional women’s and little ladies apparel.

Q: How did you land in this business? What drives you.

I started MagSoul with a broken heart and a glue gun. I’ve always loved clothes and shopping, which started with my grandmother who was called Mag. I started with hair clips and feathers and flowers. Then when I opened my full retail boutique, I wanted to supplement more accessories and started making scarves. A year later, my son was about to have major orthopedic surgery and I was working from home more and more. I was making skirts when I discovered how to make my headband. Now it’s my best seller.


Q: What do you love most about vending at Pokez Flea (formerly Hoots Flea)?

I love Hoots because of the super fun and eclectic vibe that Joseph is a huge part of. Not to mention I just LOVE Winston-Salem after living there for my sons surgery and recovery at Brenners. I now live back in Colorado, but travel back to NC a couple times a year for my favorite markets. I’m a “people person” and love spending face time with my customers in the area.


Q: What should be folks be on the lookout for at your booth this weekend?

My most popular is the KnotTwisted headband. While it looks like a typical turban the construction technique is all my own design. It’s neither a knot or a twist (I think I’m funny, hence the name) and it’s for the girl who “can’t wear headbands”. It’s great for yoga, the beach, working out, it fits, stays out and doesn’t hurt. Washer/Dryer friendly too!

Folks should check out my latest prints and colors in the KnotTwisted- once a customer buys one they will want several!


Vendor: Christy Moyers, Funkijunk
Historic Concord, North Carolina
Unusual, yet affordable, vintage and antique items


Q: How did you land in this business? What drives you.

I’ve been a full time dealer for the past 22 years.  Charlotte’s my hometown, but I now reside in Concord.  Back in 1993, having just graduated from college, I was so excited to move out to New Mexico. There is nothing like the American Southwest.  I just wanted to live in the desert and be a park ranger/archaeologist/museum curator…something, anything along those lines.   Anyway, I had moved back in with my parents after college while I was planning my big move West.  Mom and dad loved going to antique auctions, so I started going with them.  It wasn’t long before I became addicted.  Local area vendors who also attended the auctions told me that I needed to be a dealer…that I had a great eye. I said “What??? Y’all are crazy!” After several months of the auction thing and the group of vendors pushing me, I decided to give it a shot and set up at the big antiques show, Metrolina Expo, in Charlotte.  That was 22 years ago, and yep, I’m still at it.  Every day!  Someday, I will go live in the desert, but not yet.  I still am loving every minute of what I’m doing here.  Every day is an adventure. I love the whole hunting and gathering process of this business, and I love all of my customers!


Q: What should be folks be on the lookout for at your booth this weekend?

This weekend, I have a huge selection of old skeleton keys, 1930s miniature Barclay Christmas figures, lots of 1930s glass figural Christmas light bulbs, antique eyeglasses,  antique books, several cameras, movie projectors, glass insulators, and so much more.  Lots of unusual, old trinkets for stocking stuffers.  Fun stuff for the guys, like antique razors, license plates, etc.  There’s a nice collection of 1950s wooden 3-D puzzles too.




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