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sweet ’16 vibes

So this New Year’s Eve we won’t be out. We have quarantined ourselves thanks to this nasty cold that has infected us and what seems like all of Camel City. But it’s not stopping us from reflecting on the many, many experiences we have shared this year. We’re especially grateful for the kind words and support you have shared with us and the good folks we have profiled here on the blog. It is amazing how many awesome new friends have come into our lives through this little space on the internets.

We feel pretty lucky to get to call Nick, Susan, Margie, Bill, Elliott, Lindsey, Lonnie, Kendall, Richard, J.B., Dave, Gaby, Chris, Mitchell, Mark, Rebeccah, Eric, Eric, Jane, Joseph, Dwayne and Philip… friends. Plus the many more of you we have met at the community yoga events at Bailey Park, the Makers Mixer at West End Millworks and around town, out and about.


Never have we looked more forward to all that is to come in a New Year. We have so much great stuff in store.

But for now, cheers to you, Winston-Salem, and to a very sweet ’16!

A + H

2 thoughts on “sweet ’16 vibes

  1. Thank you Andrea ( & Harrison). It has been great getting to know you both better this past year. Andrea, we so appreciate you sharing our story and so many other interesting Townies and their stories. And Harrison we so loved you visiting with your phenomenal skills and sharing them with Minglewood and our guest. We are excited thinking about the upcoming year….you…John Bobby…and so much more if we are lucky!!! Here’s to a great New Year for us all! We look forward to a visit from your family soon!


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