We The People Are Still One

“Real change happens at the community level when we take a vested interest in one another as neighbors and work together instead of against; real change happens when we shift anger, fear, jealousy and pride to sincere curiosity, honesty, gratitude and love, and when we realize we are all in this together….

….This story should remind us that we the people define our community and that in the end, beliefs and differences aside, we are still one. Stories like Mike’s Week, and countless others like it, are the bright spots that remind us that when kindness is considered newsworthy it will only inspire more of the same.”

(c) Skippy's Hot Dogs
(c) Skippy’s Hot Dogs

Today is the final day of #MikesWeek here in Winston-Salem. Organized to raise funds for a struggling neighbor and downtown restaurant owner, Mike’s Week has been a reminder that in the end, as a community — neighbors and human beings — we are still one. It has been a week filled with love and support that has exceeded all expectations.

I had the pleasure to write this week’s guest column over at Triad City Beat where I talked about this.

Jump over to Triad City Beat to read the column here.


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