Winston-Salem copywriter and brand strategist, Andrea Littell, The Brand Advocate

Be careful what you wish for.

photo | Lindley Battle Photography

I began Townies with this post. In it I end by saying “one day we hope to have our own space in this community as entrepreneurs.” Be careful what you wish for… it might just come true. Albeit a little differently than you think.

At the time I was a new mom finding my way after leaving a successful run in marketing. For years, I spent my days working for others doing “all the things” to help them build their dreams. I continued to get promoted, win clients, earn more money and win awards. On the surface, all seemed A-OK but behind the smile, I was hella burnt out.

Andrea Littell

So after much agonizing, I swallowed my fear (along with my pride) and with the support of an awesome partner, I left my job cutting our income right in half. It was scary as hell but something inside said all would be alright. “Keep the faith” became a mantra and with that decision I immediately stopped chasing a life that wasn’t my own and started creating a life I love.

photo | Lindley Battle Photography

That started with the
launch of Townies where for two years I have found so much honest to goodness joy in getting to know and telling the stories of passionate entrepreneurs and self-starters in this community who each took a leap of faith to realize their own version of success. Each willing to not simply talk about a void in the market, but fill it. All of our lives are richer for their initiative. Their stories are shaping Winston-Salem’s future and it’s so very important that they do not get lost, especially as the city grows.

Townies blog featured in Winston-Salem Monthly Magazine

Over the past two years, I kept hearing the same concern from small business owners and solopreneurs…
“I’m getting lost in the noise.”
“How do I get people to pay attention?
“I’m like the best kept secret in town!”

I can’t help but help so we’d talk about what they were doing to market themselves on their own. “Some emails…,” they would say. “Paid (a lot) for a logo and a website… got the business cards. Tried (kinda sorta) doing some social media. Grin and bear’d it through some networking events. But still… no traction.”

You know what was almost always missing?

The juicy story of their business and of their customers. The emotion and an understanding of the real value of what they sell.

They were missing the right words and the knowledge of where and how to best share them.

Winston-Salem copywriter and brand strategist
photo | Lindley Battle Photography

So after two years of hearing the need, I’m stepping up to fill the void and fulfill the intention I shared in my very first post.


Today I introduce with delight my new venture,  The Brand Advocate, where I’m combining the deep and emotional story(selling) work I started through Townies with more than a decade’s worth of strategic marketing results. Through The Brand Advocate I’m offering brand storytelling intensives and business accelerator programs for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs that can help you position yourself more powerfully and stand out in a crowd (whether that crowd is online or in-person) more authentically to amplify your impact and sales. Here are just 3 ways I can make a real difference in your business.




Help YOU attract brand advocates – the most loyal, best customers of all – that love to buy from you and enthusiastically help you spread your good word.  I mean, what’s better than that?

Andrea Littell, The Brand Advocate, photo | Lindley Battle Photography
photo | Lindley Battle Photography


Now don’t you worry, Townies will continue on. You’ll even get to see some of my clients’ stories unfold on the blog. A seriously fun and valuable bonus for locals that partner with me!

But before that begins, I could use YOUR help.
Know of someone in need of brand strategy and copywriting support locally? Or, even a friend of a friend that lives somewhere else (that’s cool, too!).

Could you help ME spread my good word by sharing this post and my Facebook page with them (and maybe giving it a like, too!)

Or better yet, book a 20-minute discovery call to see how WE might work together best to create your brand story and start attracting those who want to buy what you’re selling most.

Winston-Salem copywriter and brand strategist, Andrea Littell, The Brand Advocate
photo | Lindley Battle Photography


I sincerely appreciate it all and am here for you, probably more so than ever before.

Here’s to making an impact doing what you love!


10 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for.

  1. You will rock this just like you rock all that you do. ❤
    Happy to share this and spread the good word. Every business can use a Brand Advocate!


  2. YES, let’s do this. Is the 20 min @ your place or mine?

    Best……. Glide/Paddle/Pedal/Trolley-ON, 💚 Hal Boyle, Tribal Facilitator Triad ECO Adventures 176 YWCA Way (downtown @ Gateway) Winston-Salem, NC 27127 (o/f) 336.722.7777 (m) 336.345.2557 Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TripAdvisor | Yelp


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