Townies is a hyper-local blog that showcases the creative community of doers, makers, and innovators in Winston-Salem, NC.

We started with a few of our favorite local characters who have each made a tremendous impact on the Winston-Salem community through their philanthropic work, work with mind-body wellness, strengthening food & farm and expanding the arts. We then asked each to recommend three other Townies who they find inspiring or up and coming, and so on and so on. Our hope is to build a vibrant network of connected Townies who have chosen their own path to help this little-city-that-could shine.

Along the way we also share photo essays, handpicked local happenings, seasonal eats, hidden gems, history, and original community events for curious Townies just like you.

Speaking of curious, wondering the story behind the name? Here’s that.

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Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.55.44 AMHonored to be voted ‘Best Blog’ in Winston-Salem!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hell, I was in W.S with my husband three years ago and had seen a painting of Nick Bragg. I was wondering if it was purchased ( I am sure) and if he has another similar. Does he have an email, I would like to see more of his work found a few by searching. It looks like stain glass, sunset behind trees. Cannot seem to copy it here!


    1. Hi Donna! I know the painting you’re taking about. It’s a favorite (and it’s of my neighborhood!). Emailing you now to connect you with Nick. He’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reaching out!


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