Words of Wisdom

Downtown Winston-Salem Art, TowniesWS.com

“It’s not just about having a great idea. You have to get out in the community and really identify the unmet need.”

~ Susan Elster, philanthropic advisor , community doer

2 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. I believe that to understand a communities needs and to find the soul of the community a person has to visit the places where locals feel safe and comfortable to let down their emotional walls and just talk.
    You have to get away from the big box stores, the franchise establishments, and the malls. You have to go to the small restaurants that are operated by the owners and their families….the local coffee shops (not starbucks where the yuppie wannabe’s hangout), the small bakeries where producing a product is a matter of pride.
    You have to sit down, close your laptop, and raise your head up from staring at your electronic pacifier. Then, notice the people ….old and young….that will respond to a simple smile. Do something that is almost out of style….just talk.
    I met Andrea and her child at a local bakery…Tart Sweets. We all just talked and connected in a human way rather than an electronic way.


    1. I know we emailed about this awhile back but I have to again say how much I appreciate your words and sentiment Larry. Exactly what I plan to continue to do more of and is the goal with this blog. Very best until we meet again!


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